New Blockman GO launcher - Lunia Client

  • Hello everyone, or developers. I'm started to create my own launcher called "Lunia Client".
    Meaning of it is:

    • Creating our own resource packs for game easily
    • Run add-ons to game (not cheats)
    • Launch absolutely every version you want

    But I found the problem - when I trying to make game launch - I haven't enough compiler to launch. So what do I mean - package is not wanna to zip or unzip, and I need another method - re-code the BG. But after this BG recovers back files! So how my launcher will work? Can we make co-operation, so players will play with that what they want (NO CHEATS, 2ND MENTION)

    What mods will be allowed maybe:

    • Mini-maps
    • The trap system for Bedwars (maybe, calls user to his base)

    Please, my project is useful!
    Hope you will help me and co-op 🥺

    Thanks everyone for reading, I'm making the ways rn how to fix that if devs are decline!

  • @PIizik i agree