Engine2’s download gets stuck at 99% and never goes past it

  • I’ve been trying to play on my PC for a bit now and whenever I’m trying to download the game, it always gets stuck on “Downloading engine 2, 99%”. I’ve tried cancelling the download, erasing all the game files and redownloading... nothing seems to work. In the trace back for the client, after cancelling, it just says “could not open Blockman-go/client/engine2.dll

  • @3481750640 Hi, can you try to upload the client.log and old_engine_pc.log under C:\blockmango-client\client\document ,
    & launcher.log under C:\blockmango-client\launcher , so bg officials can trace the error 👍

  • @3481750640 Also please make sure your Antivirus is off as that might be causing a problem or reinstall and be patient as it takes along time to download

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