Always showing "please install to continue"

  • always showing "please install to continue(ignore if it is already installed" but I had installed and when I ignore and again click "play" it's showing again that "please install to continue.

  • try it again if it doesn't work then we will suggest but can u do it again

  • Hello,
    In order to open Blockman Go Launcher once you click on the "play" button, it takes few more moments to launch the games it might show it but you will have to ignore it and wait unless the launcher starts, sometimes it needs permissions to start so please check out if it is requesting any permissions.

    If Launcher starts to malfunction or any issues triggers into launcher then please upload the client.log and old_engine_pc.log under C:\blockmango-client\client\document so that BG Officials can trace the error.

    Hope it helps,
    Thanks 🙂

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