What are the applications of big data and Hadoop in education?

  • What are the applications of big data and Hadoop in education?

  • I started carrier as a Tester then I moved to Java development then I moved to SQL Server developer. These are all on need base of the organisation. These all happened with in span of 2 year. Then I heard about Hadoop and I got interest of learning Hadoop. I started going through the tutorial on the Web. I prepared a plan. First I started with the problem statement of BigData(Why Hadoop and what’s the problem it’s solving) then Map Reduce after that Hive and then Scripting(PIG). Then I gave a try(attended interviews on Hadoop). Failed to clear them initially. Then I understood the areas where I’m lacking. Covered those gaps and it worked. I clearly interviews on Hadoop consecutively in 4 MNC’s. Now working as Hadoop Developer.

  • I was recently encouraged to read an article https://www.oxagile.com/article/big-data-in-education-metrics-that-you-should-already-keep-tabs-on/ and learned that real-time analytics can help provide students with much more detailed information about their performance. Feedback can greatly improve results. This is because students will be able to understand which areas they are excelling in and which areas they are falling behind. The combination of big data and education helps teachers estimate the time it takes for students to answer a question.

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