How can I play blockman go in my pc?

  • How can I play blockman go in my pc?

  • "There's alot players wonder why PC version can't play or get any update until now. Ok, I will emphasize again. PC version was not completely closed, but it has not been update in a short period of time. And for now, officials is only focus on Android version of BG. If got any update released, they will mention at announcement as soon as possible. Plz take note."
    -A note on the BMGO discord.

    If you want to play Blockman GO on PC I suggest getting an android emulator and downloading the Blockman GO app from there.

  • @mr-pro-no-1

    To play BMGO in pc follow these steps:

    1. You need pc and internet connection
    2. You need a browser
    3. Search “Bluestack” or “Nox”
    4. Go to the website
    5. Download it
    6. Run the installer in your pc
    7. Run the Bluestack or Nox
    8. Sign in with your account
    9. Open play store
    10. Download BMGO

    !!!! Your pc must have these following features!!!!

    8 gb ram
    SSD drive
    300 mb graphics card

    And else check on the website the requirements

    Yeah that’s it

  • You can play blockman go on pc by clicking on this link:

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