1 vs 1 and ffa game

  • it would be a success if the bg developers made a 1 vs 1 (melee) game currently, many people challenge themselves to a private duel in eggwars or skyroyal Because we do not have any game that is especially for dueling, well if we have one but it is rubbish and I do not say it, the so few players that are in that game say it (Ultimate fighting) My idea is that they make a simple game with several flat scenes to make a fair duel, that there are no advantages of anything, if anything, ranks and some kind of "XP boost", if the game will come out, Please, that in parties they are not worth the points because if they were worth, everyone would be doing spam kill and the same thing will happen as in bed wars, Also that the levels of each player is unlimited, thus the level and trajectory of each player is highlighted, it can also be used to match players with the same level of pvp in the same platform, Also if it comes out please, leave the default textures, so the game maintains the essence of bg, maybe you can change the swords with some menu but leave the normal swords of bg as Default, let the player decide whether or not to change them to their liking as it is in bedwars, In ffa there is not much to say, just that there are different pvp kits and that there are at least 2 different maps of ffa, skyblock was a good game until they ruined it for not repairing in time the bugs.
    I'm sure that if that game is made it would be a success, at least it would have more than 10k active players, we all like pvp, in fact, all games are competition and bg would be perfect If there was that game, many of us would appreciate it, thank you for your attention 🙂

  • Thank you for the suggestion, I will report it back to Officials. Also, another way to create a game yourself is downloading BG Editor and creating a BlockmanGO game there ( to be honest I am not sure how it works that much, so if you are struggling with BG Editor you can join their support server: https://discord.gg/tm5eyGX )

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