Help my account thedarkknightash has been hacked by a indonesian hacker

  • I didnt finish the security verification and I couldnt get my account back and I did report him didnt get it back.What should I do? Please help me

  • Hi tell the officials

  • Please read this and fill the google form properly 👉 Important things u should know about recovering your account:

    • 1.Fill the form:
    • 2.Make sure you have filled it properly.
    • Make sure that you’ve provided: 1) your ID; 2)the email you are using to receive the results; 3) the most important thing is your top-up records.
    • If you have topped up before, you should provide your top-up records (google play receipts, app pay receipts, or codashop)as detailed as possible. Otherwise, the account 100% WILL NOT be recovered.

    📍 FAQS:

    • Q: What if I didn’t set an email to my account?
      A: Leave it as didn't put

    • Q: What if I didn’t remember any info of the account? (birthday, safety, etc. )
      A: If you have TOPPED UP before, make sure you have provided your top-up records in the form, we’ll check that; if you didn’t top up before., and the other information didn’t match with the system, then sorry the account won’t be recovered.

    • Q: Do I need to answer every question in the form?
      A: Yes and you should answer them precisely.

    • Q:What if I let my friend topped me up?
      A: Ask him/her for records and attach them in the form.

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