Video mentor-apprentice program

  • Hi the deadline for video submission of the 3rd BGTube event was due about 5 hours ago and I have to say the 3rd BGTube was such a success. We have received 25k video submissions with over three million views total. We found that there are so many new content creators showing up for the event and we really want to help our Blockman Go content creators in terms of video making, so we came up with the Video Mentor-Apprentice program.
    As appreciation from Blockman Go we reward video mentors with banners space for one day for every two tutorials they make.

    Let's start with the role Video Mentor. The role video mentor is to help beginning video content creators to get into to YouTube game. By making tutorials and answer questions beginners have. When a
    beginner video content creators have any questions they should be able to ask any video mentors and get the answers right away.

    Here are the requirements for Video Mentors:

    We removed the requirement for subs and started focusing on the tutorial production. Here are the requirements:

    1.Posting video making tutorials once a week and keep doing it for 4 weeks.
    2.Be willing to help our beginner creators
    3.Fluent with the tools and software for Video content making

    Junior and senior mentors have to post one tutorial per week to hold the mentor role, and to provide support for apprentices. Mentors did not post for two weeks will be demoted and if the mentors are junior
    mentors they will be removed from mentor list.

    Video Content Creation incubator program

    Mentor-Apprentice system

    Every junior mentors can pick 5 to 10 apprentice creators to provide exclusive support. Mentors should provide the apprentices’ info. to officials to for the record. If the mentors helped 5 appretices with less than 100 subs to reach 1000 subs the junior mentors will be promoted to senior mentors.

    Senior mentors can help the creators who have over 1000 subs, and if the mentors manage to help the apprentice to reach 15k subs the mentors will be promoted to honorable mentor. You name will be in
    our gratitude list and you can choose to either keep helping creators or the mentors.

    Mentors should submit a apprentice list including the YouTube channel name, sub count and total views for record. The apprentices who reached 1000 subs mark could receive one day of Blockman Go banner space to gain exposure and to boost the channel stats as reward.

    Honorable mentors will not be demoted but they should be helping our mentors and members. If mentors have any question they can just ask our honorable mentors for help.

    We will select the Best Mentors Award(Senoir mentors and up) every three months and the prize will be 100k G-cubes and one special request. This could be anything, for example like a custom emote, effect, badge that appears next to your nickname in your profile page. Let us know and we will make it for you!

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