Topup to scam or TOS

  • I saw the #feedback in discord that if you lost your acc u can get it by just giving the topup receipt in the recovery form without giving your Other info in your acc, it's so Very easy to get scam, just if you have old/fake receipt u can upload the receipt to the Recovery form, then they will give you the victims acc without giving the info of your acc (Bday, When it made, The email)
    the recovery is suck u just wanted money for topup receipt then after that scammers will stole our acc using his/her fake receipt or his old topup receipt
    One thing i wanted to say that the recovery is so suck u can scam easily
    And Good luck u will gonna bee scammed in the future

    Im little bad at english

  • @StevenGaming924 I will publish it to the officers

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