Account recovery

  • Hello blockmango,Please help me if you are reading this. My account i.e Talent_Bg I'd 2425127152,is hacked.I tried to login but it said password incorrect and I can't login.He/she changed my password.Idk Who gave him password.It happened on Sunday January 24/2021 around 10:30 am when I was playing bedwars solo match and between the match duplicate login popped up and I have to login again.When I login again it said password incorrect he/she changed my password.Please help me.Can I get my account back?,Will I able to use my account again..Please reply me.Thank you....

  • Fill out this recovery google form as good as you can, you will be emailed your account password. If you wait for ages and you havn't gotten your account back, please fill it out again (with a different email I think)

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