useless even if i say it

  • id say blockman go is ded 😕 the admins just ruined everything about the game the aspects and mechanics and everything. The game isnt fun anymore to play since there is nothing new to do tho. Bedwars? well grind to leaderboards and get maxxed out what else? build and shoot? same with that one too, its just pay to win tho. Like im not saying the game is bad or something like that but the admins are just way too stupid enough to make some dum ideas tho. Remember the old OG blockman go where me and boys used to enjoy evething about the game? The game was more exiting to play and fun tho. like basically what im trying to say is that the admins have completely ruined the game by adding stupid stuff. Like whos idea is to remove iron and replace it with gold and make everything cheat af?. And the hit reg tho, dont even get me started with that. I used to see bedwars with 500k players online worldwide but now its just 50k AND yes all this paragraph is useless. A lot of youtubers have said the same thing that blockman go is dead but you stupid admins never listened to it and made even more stupid updates. Dude i was exited to top up and get that new top up shoes where you get that after 1450 g cubes or smth but as soon as i came in you idiots have removed it. Like at this point this is idiotic. Its 2 am rn im typing this msg but no one is gonna see this. All this paragraph is gonna left read or unread but no changes (i bet on my 3 years old acc). I want that OG blockman go not this Bullsh*t

  • @PewPlayz_BMGO And to say that Blockman GO PC Version and the Official WEB is not updated.

  • Nah You can use pc if you change the game script
    i can teach u tho

  • @PewPlayz_BMGO bruh do not self update. this might corrupt your cookies

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