Updating The Website At the same time as the app

  • it will help a lot in the future if you update the website the same time as the app releases its update aka you can easily fix bugs if discovered when the new update is out at the same time you can also fix the issue of players arguing that web isn't updated and like the last time it got hacked you should also code the same ant6i cheat as the app like fbgd hacked it easily you can even easily rewrite the code and the texture packs in the web version easily not the same as the app it takes time to even hack a little of the code compared to web it updates then after 2 weeks a new bug or hack is discovered like the speed bug and easy to code hacks such as reach and hitbox you should also be able to fix the no register bug if you code the web same as the app I know its hard to code but at least try to fix or try the feedback send by your loyal fans

  • you are right now it is very hard to play on web version of bg i want update fast

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