Account recovery

  • Hey my account is not login in because since 1 year ago my id was hacked by my friend and he changed all my password and I don't remember my security questions and I don't have any email in that id . I want to recover my 2 ID pls help me to recover my id . And I don't know my first id password or security questions and there was no email also . I really don't know my 1st id username or id no. Or id name . But I know 2nd id and if u gave me my 2nd id recover my 1st id was added in that my 2nd id friendliest so pls help help me to recover my 2 id. and God promise it's my id only . Pls gave my 2nd id recover so I can recover my 1st id as soon as possible with ur websites plsss help me help me!! I really tried hard when I lost my ID .any issue pls reply me .and I have changed my device after my both id get losted . But thank god I know my 2nd id . So pls give my id recover as soon as possible
    2nd id name : XSARTHAK
    ID NO : 2768575296

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