Upgrade pc version!

  • I know blockman go is focused on cell phones
    but you guys need to add your game on other platforms
    type for tablets, etc. However, the PC version has some issues.

    1 - the cursor:

    it is not locked in the center of the game and this interferes a lot with the gameplay

    2 - an improvement in the keyboard shortcuts in the game:

    sometimes I open the inventory using the hotkey and after that I need to re-enter the game for the inventory to open again

    3 - more in-game settings:

    I ask you to put more settings within the game
    that at least are exclusive to PC
    custom shortcut keys

    hope you read this and put it in the game
    I'll be thankful![alt text](image url)

  • Agree with you, they just abandon the pc version

  • @ItsNotWy and as always, this has to happen:
    alt text

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