Newbie Top up Event not available

  • So, I had created a account (ID:1246555214), but newbie top up event was not available. I dont know why but I created another account (ID:1359272878) and it was there! I went to my old main account and the newbie topup event was there too although i had completed it 2 weeks ago. BG resolve this issue pls. I want that wave dance and mechanical wings.

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    @HuesterBG Clear cache and if that doesn't solve the problem, please fill these steps out.

    Format for reporting bugs in Blockman Go games:

    1. Your ID:
    2. Blockman Go version:
    3. Region:
    4. Device model (example: Samsung galaxy etc.):
    5. Device operation system and version (example: Android 10):
    6. Video or screenshot about bug:
    7. Explain what the issue is:

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