Skyblock S5 Armor PK Setup

  • Hey I wanted to share with you guys my PK setup.
    Apparently this game has a massive old school runescape logic.

    To give an example of what i mean:
    The death scythe on this skyblock is similar to scythe of vitur on osrs in a way (But is beatable by Nightmare Knight Bow)

    My favorite setup with this season is the one I've invented.
    I use the Angel Armor for its lifesteal and bonus, The Demon Bat Ring and for weapons i use Nightmare Bow and Claws (Silverfang Paws).

    Claws are so good for rushing, They hit massive ciriticals and can stack damage at an insane speed, while potentially lowering your targets speed to 20%. They actually kind of remind me of dclaws (dragon claws)

    Now lifesteal armor is a huge plus. It makes anti-pking scythe owners alot easier now.

    If you cant afford the battle pass there is f2p max gear.
    Get yourself a set of Ice-Iron armor and Ice Snow Bracelet (easy to get it cost 400 snow coins in the time limited shop for a +2 damage stat buff ring slot piece of gear)

    However, Instead of maining Ice-Iron sword look for a Love Fork, and swap ice iron cloak with Necrotic Cloak or Silverfang Cloak for defense. They are easy to trade for. (Unless you own Vampire Hunter Cloak)

    An alternative setup for MINING: can be full f2p max gear.
    The breathe of the cold effect eats their health as they are hit. I've done testing and it cancels 4% of lifesteal (half of scythe) if the opposing player does not have Love Ring.
    Usually players mind their business then. (bring a retaliation weapon like Lunar Eclipse Blade or Skyward Sword for speed boost if being griefed)

    That is all i can think of for now. I hope this helps! I will continue to post about Skyblock and have a great day whoever is reading.

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    @obtainer Thanks for your feedback. these tips will help beginners in rapid development.

  • @KIBER_KRIPER No problem i enjoy foruming and helping out users too.

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