@Rishu23, I have some questions!

  • Dear Rishu23,

    Here are some questions for you to answer:
    I have been wondering who and when this rare item will finaly be in BG. It's called Black Scarf and costed 120 Bcubes/Gcubes. (Pictures leaked)Screenshot_20230216_162329_YouTube.jpg

    Could Bcubes and Gold coins be added back?

    Can BG get a new UI (User Interface) system?

    As you guys sat, "we are going to make a roomtour in BGs official office" when is this going to happen?

    When will auto jump be removed and when is the region update finaly ready to be removed?

    Thank you soo much for listening and understanding because these questions mean a lot for BG's future!



  • Look man i just got over my brand infringement case, This don't sound too good right now.

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    @xX_ULTRAGAMER_Xx It will not be added into the BG app.

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