Make Blockman Go Alive!

  • Dear Blockman go.

    People are Sending many bad comments in your game! If you Update this things. Your game Will be more Alive

    1: Add Bcubes Back! People loved Blockman go while during 2018-2019 At that Time many People joined Including me. We need Bcubes to donate our clan. You can Use for many types of things such as
    Free events, exchange for dress up tickets
    But Add them in every January. Add remove Them when the event is done! This could be Earning through daily task! alt text

    2: Invite more Players to be Developers!

    Blockman is getting boring! Since Garena bought Blockman go. It was disastrous! To fix your game please follow these things I say! Almost half of the players only play A one Single Mini game in the whole app! That is Bed wars! Bed wars is a Really Competitive game! There is almost all games are forgotten such as Mini town 😯😯! Do you even know that! It was Really popular! But let's get in the real story! If you play A app Mini game such as BG portal. You will see Bcubes back. And in
    The PC Version of Blockman go you can see that Bcubes and coins are still here

    3: Advertising option!

    Games such as TNT tag Has been completely dead!
    Murder mystery had maximum players everyday! To
    Bring back these players to play forgotten games
    is by advertising. The advertising feature works from Blockman editor. There will be a button say Advertise then they will choose banners! If you click the banners it will bring you to the game was advertising!

    Do you know these stereotypes!
    pay2win copy of other games and toxic players

    Thank you for reading

  • Interns

    @LovedTwiced thank you so much for your feedback!

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