Major Skyblock Update 10th Feb'23

  • BG Assistant

    【Update content】---2023/2/10

    Feature Update
    We have listened to the suggestions provided by a large number of players in the forum, optimized and added the following functions:
    1.【Trading Function】
    Added trading function, now you can click on the players to trade in the pop-up menu.

    2.【Privacy Settings】
    Added privacy settings in "Settings", now you can prohibit strangers from visiting your home, or prohibit receiving transaction applications

    3.【Display Settings】
    Added display settings in "Settings", now you can customize the appearance display, keep the attributes while hiding part of the appearance display

    4.【Night mode】
    The night mode returns, you just need to manually turn off the night vision effect in the display settings

    5.【Backpack button optimization】
    Added backpack pickup feedback, and added capacity display for the backpack button

    6.【Automatic mining machine optimization】
    In the map function, the output display of the resource island is added, and the sale of mining machines in the resource island is optimized as a batch sale function

    7.【Craft Optimization】
    Optimize the Craft function, now you can quickly make the required items in the craft interface, or quickly jump to the store purchase interface

    1. Fix a lot of known problems.

    Upcoming Events
    Valentine's Day gift packs and Season 5 Pass are coming soon

    1. Added a range damage wand item "Freya's Wand", which can be drawn for a limited time, so hurry up if you want to buy it;

    2. Newly added Valentine's Day gift packs, including Valentine's Day rings and Valentine's Day limited weapons;

    3. The fifth season "Love and Angel" theme pass, unique wing modeling tools, love sword and bow, will be opened on February 15;

    4. Added backtrack treasures, which can be extracted to obtain previous passes and props in events.


  • This update is dope, I feel like it revolved around me.

    I been looking for Necrotic Chestplate for 2 weeks
    Not only that I been wanting to get the ring from Halloween!!
    Plus i been telling my friend watch there will be a trading system soon and he didnt believe me.

    Keep good updates coming Skyblock team!!

  • Interns

    @obtainer thanks for the good review👍

  • Good afternoon!

    I suggest adding settings for a friend who can edit the island (SkyBlock). As soon as you add a friend to edit the island, a window should light up with the settings of what the player can do on the island:

    1. permission (to put blocks, destroy them or all at once),
    2. prohibitions (the player cannot delete certain blocks [select one or more blocks] or without restrictions on deletion), (the player cannot build from certain blocks [select one or more blocks] or without restrictions on construction),
    3. when the player can make changes on the island (only when the owner of the island is online or at any time).
      You can arrange the elements in a different order, as you see fit, change, alter, improve.

    I hope you like the idea and you implement it, because it's very convenient. Thanks!
    My nickname in the game is VitalyYourDream

  • Forum Moderator

    @VitalyYourDream There's co-build and you can use that feature to build with your friends.

  • Nice update and best is to add this to the trade security if someone is scammed you can report this trade and yes who was scammed had to grief the scammer an admin should make the scammer his island full of lava because his starfung

  • @google281933 abusive perspective.
    perceive if it would happen to you. not a great idea, though, i vaguely get where your coming from.

  • you i buy it in i didnt get it man it scam me 😞

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