Dear BG creators, its important for the future

  • Why are the old games of BG not updated I mean this question came up a lot of times but now tell me why devs are only working at BedWars so hard to this day there is now wonder why old&new Players just leave the old games and BG gets boring is the Team of the BG 's Office just to small to create more content on games like EggWar,SkyWar,Captureflag and many other games you know. So please if you dont do anything about it then BG is going to die even if the region update is getting removed soon it wont realy matter bec its just boring.

    And also when is there better contact to BG Devs back in the day they responded to everything in thier old Project Blockman Multiplayer for Minecraft sadly its discontinuted and if BG dies then they should re do BM because it was the best in the early days i wish i can contact Cheng Weiming he is the Chief of the company that owns BG. BG is just the biggest copy of MC and Roblox and it wasnt the best choice of Cheng Weiming to even create BG after the downfall of Blockman Multiplayer.YfzUTgQq_400x400.jpg

    Thank you for reading and understanding

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