Dear BG, (Long not answered question)

  • Dear BG Developers,

    Please read all of this its important: After months and months I have been wondering why Blockman GO changed its UI system and its lovely high graphics over the past years because the experience of the gameplay feels quite weird..
    Here are my thougts:
    The new modern UI system feels quite ugly with Buttons and Animtaion that didnt feel right and hasnt been updated and feels so blocky such as the old two uis from the past of BG. Why did they changed it excactly?
    The New graphics:
    After the old green UI changed the graphics of BG got lower.. our skins and games are left over with literaly quite unreadebule low graphics such as the Touchscreen and many more. So I feel that BG's graphics dont look good and also why did they change the HD graphics to low ugly looking graphics?
    I have some Screenshots to show you guys what I mean and BG devs please Upgrade BG with high graphics again and a new blocky UI system that looks cool.

    Thank you so much for reading and understanding!

    Screenshot_20230204_170432_YouTube~2.jpg Screenshot_20230204_170323_YouTube~2.jpg

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