I speak to the official forum managers and BlockmanGo Players.

  • We haven't been playing games for over 30 Days.
    Are official forum managers not authorized to contact developers?
    It's been almost a month, so why don't they update?
    I ask the Forum manager.
    You guys are aware of this situation, too. But why don't you contact the developers and tell them they need to fix this?
    Some forum managers even say, "Refreshing your computer will solve it." Isn't that really irresponsible? They answer like macros without considering users.
    Refund me all the money I've spent on this game so far if you keep an attitude that won't fix it for over a month.
    Are you forum managers, not macro responders?
    And do you contact the developers a little bit?
    I'm sure you are just telling me to be patient here, but we've been waiting for over 30Days now.
    I know you guys won't contact the developers separately. Then give me the means to contact the developers.

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