Axie's "Three Musketeers" are in different situations, the severely underestimated F-Cat may explode

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    F-Cat is an ETH on-chain based game created by a development team composed of Blizzard, Google, and former League of Legends team members.
    What is Fairy Cat No Mori
    F-Cat is a sub-project of the "Save every cat in the world" project initiated by Japanese cat lover Rock. It is developed by Kia Game Studio team. A kind of blockchaingame.
    In F-Cat, you can let your elven cats find treasures for you. These treasures will mn Divine Tree Essence
    What is the divine tree essence?
    The sacred tree essence is one of the very important sources of the nutrition for the elven cats, and they are produced from the sacred trees in the elven kingdom.Elves are an important item in F-Cat , it is anchored 1:1 with dollars, 1 elf = 1 dollar, 10 dollars worth of Fairy Cat Lv1 and 10 elves are equivalent.
    If you use the synthesis system, there is a 50% chance of getting a Fairy Cat Lv1 with 5 elves. this is a very interesting system, you can also use props to increase the synthesis probability to 100%, so you can get a $10 Fairy Cat Lv1 for $1.
    Water Spirit Stone
    Price:1 USD
    The probability of synthesis is increased by 10%, can be used in a stack F-Cat is a promotional game where you get paid to invite your friends to play the game and get paid a percentage of the hosting fee.
    Use your own promotion link and invite your friends to find the treasure!
    Invitation code: KK1EU5
    Link: KK1EU5


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    @emmahoust i will take u to another world

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