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    I am playing Blockman go a lot on my pc but there is four things that should be fixed plz.

    number 1: the full screen
    I cant play Bedwars and Skywars without full screen because I cant see my hotbar

    number 2: crossbar for pc players
    I struggle to play with the mouse to hit people and end up dying most of the time because i cant hit them that is a really big problem that i have for the pc version of Blockman go

    number 3: The building of Bedwars take way to long I have to press the mouse for 2 seconds in order to build plz fix this sothat all the Blockman go players that have the same problem can play happily without struggle

    number 4: The hotbar inversion plz fix this because I play very uncomfortably with this I sometimes get mixed up with the scrolling of the mouse wheel plz switch the two scrolling sides.

    I thank you for this and plz fix this features.
    Jan Kasselman

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    @animelovinggamer Thank you for your feedback!

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