Option missing

  • In adopt me/grow with me the option to rotate/sell furniture in the house is no longer coming up when tapping an item. This was on the android version, we installed on windows to see if it was a possible to rectify it there but the issue continued. It has been a while since my daughter played it and it could be a menu option now instead of a click option but I have been through all menus and found nothing. I have supplied no screenshot as the option is not appearing so there is nothing to see. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated if it is not actually a bug or glitch in the game. Thanks in advance.

  • @Rose2150 try reinstalling bg app or clear cache

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply, we tried that and nothing, the install we did in windows to check if it was an issue on the tablet was a new install as well on a system that had never had it installed before. The ability to sell/rotate/move items bought in the house just doesn't appear on either system.

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