When I play bed wars is said game.dat has stopped working please help

  • When I play bed wars in pc it said game.dat has stopped working please help me

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    @google1839156 Hey there, does blockmango crash for you every time you try playing it on pc? Well you have come to the right place, Today we will discuss why this error occurs, what's the cause of it and how to fix it

    Why does this happen?
    Windows PCs are very good at optimization, when windows detects a resource taking up more than 50% of the RAM or cpu, it limits the usage or force-kills the task. Therefore, windows kills game.dat in its initial stage and we get an error saying "Game.dat has stopped working"

    What's the cause of it?
    Blockmango is a resource intensive game on pc and the initial startup process takes up memory, which does not happen when the game has completely loaded up. It takes up a LOT of cpu because of a minor performance tweak developers make. You see, the game loads up the 3d engine of blockmango as soon as it starts up, thus taking up a lot of cpu and RAM.

    How to fix it?
    When the game is loading, press ctrl+shift+esc all together to open up task manager.
    Then right click the blockmango task
    Hover The cursor over the "Resource values" option , you will see three more options : Memory, disk and network

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