Account hacked

  • Someone named Katsuki hacked my acc I can't remember his name but his alt account is !Braxy!
    He is saying that first give me Gcubes and then only I will give you your account but I'm pretty sure he will scam. Please help me get my account fast because he is destroying everything ;-;

  • Hey there,
    To recover your account, you need to answer a set of questions
    How did the suspected hacker gain access to your account?
    What is the ID or username of the hacked account?
    What is the ID of the hacker's alt?

    Send us a screenshot or a video of the hacker asking you to
    pay a ransom of whatever amount of gcubes

    Thank you, have a nice day 🙂

  • I don't know how he got access to my account
    ID of my hacked account- 3662966640
    ID of the Hacker's alt- 555661134
    Screen Shot of him asking for gcubes-
    Screenshot_20221226-132255_Blockman GO.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226-132323_Blockman GO.jpg

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