My account named "HarryBG" got stolen almost 2 years ago

  • Hello, 2 years ago my account named "HarryBG" got hacked by a guy who promised me to top me up Gcubes, I was young and couldn't imagine that he would actually hack my account. Now he's pretty much inactive playing on my account and I decided to report it now, because I Because I didn't have the courage to do so in the past. The day where he hacked my account was the 7th May 2021. After he stole my account he changed the name to X_IamNotAlone and now it's something else. I cannot remember the ID or the name of the main account of the user who stole my account. But I have actual proofs that the "HarryBG" account that he stole is mine.
    Here's a youtube video that I uploaded two years ago about my skyblock island:

    It's in my trade room and I hope the hacker didn't demolish my island so that could be the ultimate proof that the account belongs to me

    My new main account now: latria
    ID of my hacked account: 914868272

    Please respond fast 🙏🏻

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    @Latria did you share your password to him