More speed when running (Pc vercion Bug)

  • Hello everyone, I recently went back to playing blockman go on the windows desktop version (PC) as my favorite hobby but I found a bug that could possibly be misused, it turns out that if you left click and you have any object that you can place on a surface For example, a block of wool will bug the game and give more speed to the player, (this only happens when you are doing all of the above and it returns to normal when you stop doing it, (If you want more information about this bug, ask me what I want that be solved since I think that this error may have been around for a long time when I saw another player replicating the bug in past versions and did not know how to do it)

    Video (


  • bg is kinda imcompetant......... mattsun found this bug a long time ago. He told that it was made so pc players can bridge fast. As you know bedwars placing speed and eggwars playing speed is not the same u cannot place blocks fast in eggwars so mattsun said that it was made so pc players can place blocks fast in bedwars (they cannot place fast in bedwars if u ignore the auto place that u can access from ~)

  • @NloPloGM Now I understand much better, but don't forget that the blockman go community on PC is small and that in a game between someone on PC and the rest are on mobile devices it's unfair, without forgetting that this bug not only makes you place blocks quickly but also which also gives an extra speed if you keep right clicking and look anywhere, it could be very misused, but it makes me curious why blockman didn't remove that bug that has been around for a long time (using translator)

  • yea i know but u cannot really attack while using it i know its a unfair advantage but i dont see it being abused in pvp factors which mainly ogs like me focous on

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