Moderator Application.

  • CONTACT INFO: Discord - Exist#1207

    Gmail :

    Qualifications? I familiarized myself with the forums and the game itself.
    I have also checked the rules read it twice and made sure my materials is good and fit for a position like this.

    Hello, this is my application for moderation to say why I am a fit mod.

    1 I will be active helping on the forms and suggesting new ideas.

    2 I will not abuse my powers or do any harm

    3 I know how to work around the forums easily and efficiently.

    4 My main language is English, So that would be really helpful on the US region

    I would really love for you guys to take this in to consideration.

    I've been playing for a really long time and want to take my skills inside of new levels.

    Thank you.



    (please do not steal my application i worked hard thanks <3)

  • Forum Moderator

    @ChrisWRLD we dont have ingame powers

  • Oh alright.

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