Eggwars Update 2021

  • These are the updates from my friends and myself.

    New maps to be added A Alien themed,Chinese themed and space,Better ship-wreck map,Jungle themed 😄

    Fix the block delay and make it be faster to place.

    And lobby for Solos,Duos and Squads and please consider adding Golden apples that costs 3 gold

    Enchantment update:




    Add mining fatigue and a trap buying 20 Gold so we can be alerted if someone comes in the base.

    Fix bugs and regularly ask what the eggwars community wants.

    Add better knockback mechanics cause rn its very bad and hard knock someone off the bridge.

    Also add new blocks like wooden planks and HellStone. It could
    cost 20 iron for 6 Hellstone and 4 gold buy 16 Oak planks.

    And Generators to be upgraded to Level 5.

    Better HitBox to hit players.

    Add Lefty mode for the left handed players.

    Hope you guys liked my idea.

  • @IamNotRayYT I like it but I prefer there are no runes, I'm talking as a player not as a staff

  • @Carlos_BGMX In my suggestion,I didn't say add runes.All i said are the things i face and experienced from eggwars. As i grinded that game for 7 months.

  • BG Elite

    Also the walk mode so you can't fall off the bridge.

  • BG Assistant

    @NoobyBG thx for your suggestion

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