The Days... :D

  • As a 2019 player, I really like the old graphic designs and artwork. It really means that the community is compressing this game and its future.

    Aight let's make dis domb Story now.

    I started when I saw a lot of Roblox videos. More like Tanqr and JP protagonist (I forgot so don't judge me 😠 ) and I wanna make videos too and the making, But when I go to the 2019 Play Store, I saw it. M I N C R A F T. Just kidding XD, I found Blockman go for the first time! And as a "Turning into a BG player" kind of guy. I played it and I was FASCINATED like seriously I feel like I'm playing old Minecraft and Roblox mixed together! As a matter of time I was grinding and Grinding (I only do bedwars and other games, But in bedwars I ALWAYS press the Solo mode) for about 2 years, and when I was making stuff up and Things. I also found Nice Friends ad made a Clan! (which no one joined:<) and that's it! I wanna say more but I'm too lazy to make an essay of 6 papers and 2 books made from my only story.
    ALSO I'm B A C K

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