For those who are just learning what academic writing

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    For those who are just learning what academic writing is and how to master it, here are some helpful tips:

    Take an academic writing course. You can practice learning the style when writing academic papers, but it's much more effective and quicker to take special courses. It is not necessary to go to classes, there are many programs for distance learning, in which you can study on your own at home.

    Learn to write, observing all the rules of grammar. Being able to write in English does not imply knowledge of academic style, since it is important to follow all the grammatical rules.
    Use a stylistic grammar guide. In addition to standard grammatical rules, academic writing involves observing style standards. Learn them with the help of special guides that describe the rules for capitalization, citations and references, and lists of literary sources.
    Learn by example. Quickly mastering the style of presentation will help not only the regular practice of writing but also the reading of the scientific works of other scientists. After reading a few articles, it will be easier to figure out what academic writing is all about.

    Plan and practice. You should start working on a text by preparing. It is necessary to make a plan by which the scientific work will be written, it can be in the form of an outline, a list, or a diagram. It will not be superfluous to write a draft, and then edit it until an excellent result is achieved. You can ask the help of the supervisor to check the work and indicate comments.
    Formulate the main point, and support it with facts. The main point is in any scientific work, this is the key idea, around which the work is built. The author formulates a statement and proves it correct in the text.

    Getting feedback on the work. Having written an article, essay, or other scientific work, it is useful to give the material to read to classmates, colleagues, and teachers. A fresh look will help to see typos, mistakes, and other remarks that are invisible to the author.

    If you’re not ready to show the paper to your professor, you can ask some writing service to grade it for you at first and provide valuable comments. It ain’t free, but it’s fairly cheap. But since you need a real expert to grade it, better check out if the writing service you’re interested in is good. Here’s a recent review of for you to begin with.

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