My account got bugged

  • Ok so, I just logged in my cousins acc(pc version) and then when I logged out I clicked the facebook button because I had binded my blockman go account with my facebook acount. And for some reason it kept going back into my cousins blockman go account even when I was trying to log in to mine, I also got my id(3921810400) and tried to reset password using email but even so, it says ''account does not exist or password is incorrect'' like bruh blockman go fix your damned game fr.

  • Blockman go, pls fix this bug. I spent money on your damned game so can you pls atleast like fix this bug? I need my account back. also if you were wondering, that acc that got bugged was an alt account but then became my main account. My id is 3921810400 pls fix this bug

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