Help admins

  • Hey admins i tried logging in my account with the correct password and username but it says it doesnt exist and i tried the account recovery but it says my account doesnt exist when i typed my id help

  • @accountgonehelp
    Please admins i tried to get in my account by

    Account recover (failed)

    Password and user (failed)

    Uninstalling and reinstalling (failed)

    Security Questions (Cant Access because of account recover)
    I wish i could do it through security because i know all the questions but i cant access it because i need to enter the account recovery which i cant so help me admins if there is any possible way thank you and if your saying to me to do it with email i cant because its not binded with one and even if i needed to use an email i would have to go in the account recovery which i cannot so please help me recover my account thanks i hope this is good information for you to see a solution for this problem 🙂

    From @accountgonehelp

    To Bmgo admins

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