Just some quick notices from BG officials

  • Chief Mod

    Here are some important messages from the BG team:

    1. About Bug Abuse
      Player Mr. Dino & Royalcraft recently have used bug to obtain inappropriate profits for themselves, which greatly damaged the rights and benefits of other players and editors.
      We've been always reminding that any acction that violated the community's rules is not allowed, and corresponding restrictions will be taken.

    Under the request of devs, Mr. Dino will no longer be helper/mod of BG server, also BG team as well as region admin conserve the rights to take further acctions.

    1. About Clan Recover & Rune Recover
      As we've announced before, devs DON'T recover clans or runes unless they gone due to the bug. It's the player's duty to keep theie info safe, so please DON'T switch acc, trade acc or give info to anyone, BG will not be responsible for the possible risk from that and DON'T help with acc recover in this circumstance.

    2. About Account Recover
      All players should use the recovery form on the app.
      If the info match, you'll access to the password reset page, else it means that the info you provide don't match with the system.
      If it shows you've reached the daily limit and can't submit, please change the internet or close wifi, changing to data to submit again.

    Blockman Go Team

  • i've seen the royale craft guy. his number one in all games rankings idk how but he had over then thousband hours play time and two million kills. i asked others and they said he's a developer that's why he has a lot playtime and kills i thought 'is it really fair that devs can use hacks to get a lot playtime and become number 1 in all games' i was thinking this until i saw this post and that he wasn't supposed to do that. anyways what did you do to him? is he still number one in all games?

  • Chief Mod

    @Jdhdhddjbd that don't matter pls don't missuse forums

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