Blockman go editor (pc version)'s worlds won't open and I'll get stuck at the loading screen.

  • Whenever I try to open a world in bmgo editor, I get stuck at the loading screen with no signs of progress (yes, I have tried waiting for it and re-installing bmgo editor or even rebooting my pc).
    Should be self explanatory.
    The problem might be from my pc because of the fact that it's not that strong, but it used to open before and my pc still meets the requirements so I don't think that's the problem.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that I can create a game, but can't open it because I get stuck in the loading screen.
    My bmgo editor's version is the most recent (1.10.126).

  • Chief Mod

    @Samsam13877831 pls send video proof along with Ur pc model and BG ID too