Last and 4th maybe...

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    Answers in the recovery form i answered:

    game i play constently
    last game i played
    and passwords i tried up to 5 passwords
    and 5 friends and no id

    Answers in the recovery form i didnt answer:

    google play order
    birth of date
    date where i first made my acc

    and i think thats all
    So the final summary is i answered 5 answers and i didnt answer 5 answers its even so will this make the account recovery appeal accept my form and give my account back or will it fail and still if you say that it will work it is saying ''you have reached the appeal limit'' is this a bug that is still being fixed or did that not work idk this is my other question

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    @XXXtylerbanks2 that's because there's isn't enough information in the form

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