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    So if there is a way to see my saved secrity question then ignore the rest of the reading but if there is something wrong with the saved secrity question example: it might be deleted permenently or it might be something elese wrong with the questions then read it read:So if i cant get my blockman go account back then what do i do there is no way to even recover my account so what do i do in blockman go then i have no idea if i can restore my account in the future ''which iam hoping will happen'' but if i can never get my account pro like or something, i really dont know what i even do in blockman go it took forever to get my account back but if there is a another way in the future which iam really hoping will happen then i could restore my acc but wut do i do rn if i can never even get my acc back?

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    @XXXtylerbanks2 only way is to fill the form or use security settings

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