I lost my account help

  • can you help me i logged in an alt acc and then when i went to switch account my main acc was not there please help my main acc id is 2892879280 and my name in my main acc is XXXTylerbanksXXX

  • Chief Mod

    @Ilostmyacchelh hi pls could you fill the recovery form on the BG app. If you are struggling with anything pls respond to this reply and also in the future pls don't listen to people who don't have the forum mod, mentor or team leader tag because they are not mods and they can miss lead you!!!

  • Ok so i wanna give you more info gamerboy10 first when i was logging in on an alt account you know that in the account switch setting you are supposed to get a short cut to get you in your main acc but well this is what happened i forgot the password of my alt acc and then well i registered a new acc and when i remembered my last alt accs password i logged on jt and then went to sccount seitch for my main acc but the short cut to my main acc is not there if the appeal recovery forjms doesnt work is there other ways to retrieve my main acc back gamerboy?

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