Don't do that pls!

  • A new event started today, the most interesting for me was the Christmas event, I enter the game and I can see it ... 800 candies for one addition?!?! it must have warmed you. From time to time you can do such an event ... you know you have to earn money ... but for a Christmas event ?! The holiday event should give us some things for free, like 100bc two years ago. a bit of an exaggeration, I will definitely not buy anything from this event, as it will continue on the New Year's Eve event, I HAVE NO INTENTION TO PLAY IT AND SPEND THOUSAND PLN ON THIS GAME. many people think alike. STOP DOING THIS AND REPAIR IT BECAUSE I HAVE NO INTENT TO SPEND THE CASH AND I END THE GAME AS SO FURTHER !!!!

  • @RedPanda193 I am talking about that too

  • @RedPanda193 ohh ikr sorry about that

  • Yes i also agree i tought the Christmas event would have a wing e.g Christmas angel wings because it's Christmas special event. Then i realise it's so exp for the head peace and i was so dissapointed that there was not a single good prize. I even woke up 30 minutes before the event and i wait.. untill it star then i was so dissapointed..

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