Promoting my channel lol

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    Some ppl said that they send me mss in BG but I didn't reply...
    ;( Sry guys cuz I'm kinda busy to read all mss ...
    Actually I log in mostly to check or test bugs ... so if you meet me afk in Bedwars that's probably I just match to test a bug so don't kill me plz and don't report me
    But it doesn't mean I wont play games when less busy and i just joined youtube and post some vids with you guys from time to time
    Search: Arelena_BG if you want
    (It was call Arelena at first but there are many other channel called the same name ;< )
    Here is my first video, it's a small room tour in Paradise Island :

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    @Arelena video suggestions:
    Skyblock Island tour
    Build battle
    Lucky blocks skywars but you can only open red blocks
    New mode in bedwars
    Of course when u have time xD

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