How I Started BG

  • I discovered BG around December 2017, possibly right after the game was released a month (or the start of the month) later after Blockman Multiplayer was shut down but I never knew the game except I probably played it one time but I got sooo bored so I decided to delete it lol. My first game there was bedwars and as a no gender or bg girl, I was a very sweaty player xD. Then I found other games like egg wars but it became too boring for me to play so I sticked with bedwars but that was after I made my account Cakeballll because the first ever account I made was called Cakeball on the bedwars app and for some reason, I couldn't login my regular account to the bg app so I made a new account called Cakeballll, I made an alt called Cakeballl after tho but the L's were 3 (odd number) after Cake and I don't like odd numbers so I made it Cakeballll. After discovering BG because of the ad I saw in bedwars and it was really annoying so it took me 3 weeks before actually installing it xD, I joined BG. I met my first friends called shark (pizzaboi) after making my Cakeballll account and I didn't know about clans back then or participated in the events on BG, but I joined his clan which was the first ever clan I joined. I decided to quit tho because it was always inactive, then I got my famous laughing face from a 2018 event and I never ever took it off since, seriously I never actually took it off xD. I also kept my red hair when I still had the noob outfit and I tried to keep my noob face but I accidentally put on another face so I tried on the laughter face lol.

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    wow that's a very touching story

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    Nice very interesting

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