add a game like stronghold crusader to blockman go

  • in almost all the games of bg youre controlling a player a guy a single person but it will be great if there be some games that youre building castles or city's in them and not controlling a sinlge person actually theres already a game like this in bg its LUDO LUDO! this game is like i said not controlling a single player that means you can make these sucha games

    soooo i want a game like stronghold crusader in blockman go

    a game that you build castles and make armies and fight other players attack their castles and kill them

    the game should look like this but with blockman graphics:
    download (32).jpg
    and the lord on the keep's roof should look like the player's blockman go skin

    i can't explain the entire systems of the game just play stronghold crusader and see what i mean

    i know u dont care about or poor suggestions even if u do u do it after ages

  • Chief Mod

    @Jdhdhddjbd thx for the suggestion I'll forward it to the BG officials 🙂

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