Days go by...

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    Though being an admin, actually my days in BG may be not as long as some of you guys .
    I met many interesting people here, and many are willing to help in the game; of course i've been farm killed too.

    Anyway my story and journey in BG will continue...

  • ok my journy just started

  • @Arelena You can be sure that the journey of the game has just begun.

  • Well have started my journey a while ago and I've also been wanting to help out is anyway I can for Blockman go and make it's a fun and enjoyable game for everyone. So far I have 2 accounts but it's kinda messed up that when some people are just plain rude to you and they never consider others feelings so yea with all that's going on I just want everyone who plays bmgo to feel safe ,bc I'm on it like all the time and most of the time I see people being rude to others and when I try to report it sometimes it won't let me and it bothers me that I can't do anything about but what I do is help out new players.

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