A Classic Bedwars Game? (That is not Pay = Win?)

  • Can we get a Classic Bedwars game that doesn't have "ANY" aspect of pay to win, like Minecraft Bedwars, Like we can have stuff like custom equipment skin and armor, stuff like that, but no Gcubes Shop, I am tired being rushed with a person with full diamond armor riding a dragon in the first 2 minutes in the game, the game was fun back in 2019 and 2020 but now it got worse over the corresponding year with mostly bad updates, I also request for "NO RUNES", people like Mattsun survive a diamond sword no armor in battle because of Leeching and other Runes, TNT was one of the best counters until they nerfed it, It's time for a change, If someone doesn't answer the community of people who can't spend their money, then maybe we have to take action, on our own 😡 ...

  • @chijioked1 thx for ur suggestion

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