Announcement 5th Jan 2022

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    BG need your help

    Dear BGtubers,
    Recently we’ve meet many hackers in game, not only in Bedwars. Thanks to our devs hard working the anti-hack and auto-ban system has been greatly improved, but there are still hackers doing harm to the balance of the game, and spreading hack links to other players, who are mainly kids and very vulnerable.

    It is a time that we need to take actions together to bring back the safety and fair to BG community, so here we’d like to ask all the BGtubers to do this favor :

    1.Making a video to tell players don’t use hacks
    2.Add the following statement at the beginning of the video:

    • The id and device will get banned if you use hack
    • Some hack link may contain virus that steal your info and hack your account
      3.Post your video to Youtube with the hashtag #BGantihack
      4.Don’t forget to add your BG id or name in your video, we’ll publish a gratitude list for all the BGtubers who helped us

    We are expecting doing more event with you guys after the hack problem is fixed : )
    Thanks again for your support to BG

    Best regards,
    BG team

  • ok i up new video and use hashtag #BGantihack

  • @Rishu23Forum nice to hear that cuz some of my friends got hacked but long story short the hacker got yeeted

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