Update Announcement December 16

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    Update Announcement December 16

    Dear warriors, I wish you all a merry Christmas. Please enjoy the
    updated, and the specific content is as follows:
    Bed Wars Town
    Brand new festival look in the lobby- with lots of surprises and
    stories beneath the town for you to discover!

    Frozen Bounty
    Complete daily tasks to earn Snowflake Coins, which can exchange
    for items.

    Frozen Fair
    Limited time sales in Frozen Fair! Buy more at one time, save more!

    Frozen Carnival
    Join Ranked games during the event to get abundant rewards for

    Frozen Flip
    Simply flipping some cards and grand prizes are all yours!

    Ski Resort
    The ski resort will be opened officially. Dare to take the challenge of
    skiing? The brave and the victors will be rewarded.

    Fishing Spot
    The fishing spot is open for a limited time. Enjoy the fun of fishing
    together and 'fish' yourself some awesome bonuses!

    Fisherman's Offering
    Participate in fishing games to earn Kio Vouchers and special
    rewards for free!

    New Year Surprise
    Be the first one to send New Year greetings to your friends through
    gifts or greeting cards! The cards can be exchanged for exquisite

    2022 New Year Limited
    Big sale on new skins up to 90% OFF!



    Show us your Pics from Lobby too, can't wait to see them!!!

  • Banned

    OMG thanks for the big massive even more big update this is the best one with many feartures! Thanks Thanks thanks ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tyt yt yty yt aaaaaa i going crazy

  • How do I go the cable car for the second time ?

  • Chief Mod

    @google5043345 u need to get to the highest point of the lobby then go tap on a cable car to go on it and go down on it

  • @Gamerboy10BG ok sir

  • i see 5 player in lobby fly with paraglider

  • Chief Mod

    @google5043345 yes u can get those in the lobby now but I'm not sure from where

  • N o i c e

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