What Should Be Added To The Editor App

  • I have been trying to create a game for about a month and after testing each game I realize that there are so many things wrong with it. But I can't fix it because the settings aren't there.here are some thing that you should be able to do in Blockman Editor.

    1. I want to be able to add custom Items with Custom Textures. You can add a texture and change setting and what it does.
    2. Be able to use simple code. I only know a little bit of JavaScript but it would be nice to have item id and the ability to add IF Statements to make text or picture pop up on screen
      Or while or for loops for ncp's.
    3. The ability to add custom music and sounds.
    4. More setting to be able to change knockback or attack speed. Things like that.
    5. The ability to add custom buttons like the bridge button in bedwars.
    6. the ability to change the overall look of things or just specific things. Like just change what the shop looks like instead of it being just the normal yellow and blue or whatever. Make the buttons more 3d or more square shaped whatever.
    7. Also please add more mobs and Moving terrain.
    8. The ability to make custom emotes or animations.

    I might be asking for to much but I hope you can at least consider some of these things! Thank you this will make the experience 100x better. Also what happened to composition settings?

  • Chief Mod

    @LegacyKing thx for the suggestion. I'll forward it to the BG officials 🙂