A few bugs

  • Frankly, I like the game Lucky Block a lot. But I think it's not good enough. I'll just say the bugs in the game.

    First of all: Cheat detected error in the game. I think this is important if it is not seen very often, because this is a glicht. By using this, people can introduce more bugs into the game, I think it should be fixed. I think you will experience this error when you use a flying block. My guess is that the system sometimes does not recognize blocks. Maybe if you add a better system to lucky blocks the problem is solved.

    1. Probabilities
      So sometimes you can get 10 of an item, sometimes only 1 item. This confuses the players. Maybe you can add a chance percentage system.

  • @BelugaXD thank you for the suggestion first of all and the second.

    For a bug report ID, BG version, region, device model and device version is needed. A video evidences about the issue is needed aswell.

  • @X_Shu_X I actually watched this on a youtube channel.

  • @BelugaXD well, this is problematic then.

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